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And, there’s another funding round to share with you, on this occasion from Artist Growth. The Nashville-based company is now playing with $2 million in seed and Series A funding, according to Venture Capital Dispatch. Reporting and achieving paid royalties for the work and performances was this cumbersome process, spread across way too many disconnected apps that didn’t happy,founder Matt Urmy told the Wall Street Journal.

‘This project has been a long-time coming, in fact it is very special in my experience,says Ms. Wallace (Biggie’s mother). Words can’t even capture how elated I am for the world to finally see my son again on stage and beyond. Christopher’s impact and legacy doesn’t only survive his past work, but also the new experiences that have been granted through ARHT Media.’

I am an indie band and that we self-release our albums. We have released 7 albums before 12 years. the initial 5 albums were released on CD only. the past 2 albums (since 2012) have ONLY BEEN RELEASED ON VINYL. That s all we manufacture now, not because vinyl is trendy but because CD s are redundant. Vinyl albums include the only relevant physical medium left for delivering music, otherwise, just download it.

There are also quite a few probably illegal videos floating in the 40k-60k view range. At a guess, these could be worth $100-$200 each. I keep thinking there s a market space for an individual to put together something that identifies every one of the illegal videos in the long tail and takes care of filing lots of claims in exchange for a small cut from the ad revenue. Of course, the artist must accept to maintain the illegal videos up, then.

Mikey, by Spotify releasing the details I request, amount of songs in playlists per customer, is the most important part of information in forming a judgment about Spotify as well as other subscription services, for both the artist and consumer. Money is the central criteria when creating a small business or consumer decision, for many decision makers on the earth. I am asking Paul Resnikoff to get the knowledge from Spotify.